📚 Learning Byte #004: Msquare Automation

How to handle Error ‘413’ (Payload Too Large)

:rotating_light:Error Message:The ominous “413 Payload Too Large” error indicates that the request entity has exceeded the server’s preset limits.Below are common scenarios and more specific error messages tied to the Apps feature:

Apps Troubles :hammer_and_wrench::

Failed to save image. Invalid upload :camera_flash:: This message suggests that the image you’re attempting to save is not in the expected format or is corrupted.
Failed to save image. The image is too big :no_entry_sign:: This error is straightforward—the image you’re trying to save surpasses the allowable size limit.
Commit message is too big :memo:: If you encounter this, it means your commit message exceeds the server’s limit. Trim it down to fit within the prescribed boundaries.

:mag: Troubleshooting Steps:

Image Uploads:

Verify the image format and integrity.
Resize images to fit within the server’s size constraints.
Commit Messages:

Review and condense commit messages.


Remember, errors like these often arise due to exceeding predefined limits.Adjustments in image sizes and message lengths       are key to overcoming the "413 Payload Too Large"hurdle.

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