Limit array results and if statement always giving the same output

I’m a bit unsure if I should make 3 separate topics or if this is better.

But I have these 3 questions, that I haven’t been able to find an answer to anywhere. Help is much appreciated.

Limit array output
Is it possible to limit the results of an array or collection to only take, for example, the first 5 or 10 results?

From the list above, I would like to store the first 5 in the following variable. converts if(
If you write if( it will automatically switch to the function. This is a bit problematic when trying to make a Google Sheets formula :slight_smile:
Is it possible to stop from converting it?

Same result no matter the input
I have made an If statement that checks if there is a category with the ID 28 = Fully Supported, if not check if there is one with 18 = Partial support, and if either isn’t there it should write e.g. “No Support”.
But no matter the output is always “Full Supported”, which makes absolutely no sense to me.

I have tried with and without “” around the numbers, doesn’t seem to make a difference :confused:
Any idea what am I doing wrong?

You can use the array function slice to return a new array containing only selected items. The first item in the array has an index of 0.

slice(array; start; [end])

If you want the first five items,

slice(array; 0; 5)
  1. How I solve this is usually just type somewhere else first, like a text editor program or the browser address bar, then copy and paste into the field.

  2. Another alternative I can think of is to use a text expansion program to replace something you’ve typed to the actual text you want to use. A free open-source program would be
    How you use this, for example, would be to set up ifx or if! as a shortcut so when you type that, it will replace it with if(

  3. One more way you can avoid the auto-completion of functions, is to type a space before the opening bracket, then type the (, before deleting the space. Here is a gif of how it looks:



Thank you so much for the help. Don’t know how I missed slice :man_facepalming:

For the 3rd issue I had, I switched the if( out with ifempty( and it works. Makes no sense to me why, but just happy it all works :smiley: