Link between ChatGpt and Google Sheets rows

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Hi! I’m a newby, so I have the following:

I have ChatGpt assistants that are linked to a google sheet and they deliver text and it works fine. But I need to link one ChatGpt that deliver 25 results, like a list of items, I will like to have them these 25 in individual rows, so another Chatgpt assitant can read each row and produce a new result.

Is a prompt maker based on scenes. Many thanks for your help!

Steps taken so far

I have done 2 scenarios, one that produces in a row the 25 results – and then manually I copy and paste those 25 results into a second scenario, that works.

Screenshots: scenario setup, module configuration, errors

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The Repeater module goes in front/before those modules that you want to repeat, not at the end.

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Ok Thanks! But still is working… I need all the steps before repeating the process. Still I can not afford a private consultation sorry just was looking for the answer of how to deliver a result of chatgpt that is a list into individual rows.

Hey @Melisa_Machuret

you can create 2 scenarios and schedule them at a particular time so that you can get data from 2 gpt results to your sheet.

add 3 modules each

sheet - gpt - sheet (same in both , remember to keep the sheet results from the last sheet as the input to gpt in 2nd scenario).

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Thanks @Anshul_Soni but one question, sorry really newby, if the last result is 25 items of a list, how I add it each result into each row into the sheet? Thanks for your help!

@Melisa_Machuret no worries, you can ask any type of question here.

  • here is how you can map the 25 results that are coming from your gpt
  • just create headers in google sheet
  • A,B,C represent columns and the values are inserted into those as rows.

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Thanks for your help! But then I had the issue that I have to run those 25 columns into new results… and chatgpt delivers everything in a block, each column having the 25 results, not one by one. One solution I found was to make it in a google doc and then copy paste to a new sheet… but again I think it must be a solution :frowning: Here is the process of the assistants.
Scenario 01 - Sheet 01

  1. Google Sheets: Watch new rows: Input of an idea column A
  2. ChatGpt 01: Write a story
  3. Google Sheets: Add new rows, add the story in column B
  4. ChatGpt 02: Write a song
  5. Google Sheets: Add new rows, add the song in column C
  6. ChatGpt 03: Create 25 scenes of Column C
  7. Google Sheets or Google Docs: Add row / text 25 Scenes…
    Then I have to copy paste this into 25 Rows, since I have another task to do
  8. Google Sheets: Watch new rows - Chatgpt build prompt - Result

Hope this helps

Hey @Melisa_Machuret

please try this :

  • create a new sheet - named (sheet 2)
  • after that you can select the cell A1 in the new sheet
  • and write this formula =ARRAYFORMULA(TRANSPOSE(Sheet1!A1:Y1)) in new sheet
  • the data from original sheet will be saturated to the new sheet (sheet2)

please let me know if you need further help.

Thanks! It brings back the content but still is separated into each row but with the 25 items. Thanks for your help, I think it just don’t work… :frowning:

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