Locating outputs for modules in a Scenario - How can I see the outputs of a specific module?

Im feeding a Dall-E module a prompt created by another GPT module. I keep getting an error that says the prompt text is too long (more than 1000 chars) but when I go look at the prompt Ive fed into it I can only see the beginning of the prompt.

How can I find the full outputs of all the modules so that I can trouble shoot?

See the yellow box in the second screenshot. Where can I find the full text output?

Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 4.50.49 PM
Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 4.50.49 PM

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Go to the relevant module in the execution history or the current scenario output. You can view the input and output bundles of the module by clicking the circle with number in it.

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