🎥 Make, Airtable, and Typeform - Better Together

Heya Makers :wave:

Last week, we were joined by folks from Airtable and Typefrom to chat about bridging information silos. We decided to team up since, when you think about it, our tools have a lot in common:

  • we process/store data
  • our tech can be used in a vast plethora of departments and industries
  • we cater to non-technical people as well as to the more nerdy types
  • we accentuate the visual side of things

Anyhoozle, I thought I’d jump in and share the recording of the webinar with those of you who did not have the chance to catch the live session.

So, why should you hit play?

In the first part, you’ll hear all about the key features, functionality and universality of each product from our speakers

  • Shiran (Head of Marketing, Make),
  • Ancy (Product Marketer, Airtable), and
  • Nico (Developer Advocate, Typeform).

The second - hands-on - part of the session, belongs to our resident Make magician Dan, who briefly introduces the platform and walks us through a couple of use cases.

The first showcased scenario collects Typeform submissions and stores them in Airtable. Pretty handy, for collecting feedback, right? And that is just the beginning!

The second use case takes feedback collection to a whole new level. This time around, we’re watching responses in VideoAsk. The cool thing is that these can either come in the form of a video/audio file or simple text. Thanks to this scenario, the responses are then elegantly stored in Airtable.

The final scenario follows up on the previous one. It offers a neat way of distributing the feedback to the relevant people/departments in your company by simply selecting them in a dropdown ‘collaborator’ field.

Curious to see how to build these beauties and hear our panel speak? Check out the video and feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.