Make, Airtable & Spotify Connection Project

I am working on a personal project where the end goal would be:

Users type in their favourite artist name and the response will display stats based on the available Spotify public data.

I am planning to use Make, Airtable, and Public API connections ( I know nothing about APIs so this will be a learning curve and a fun project at the same time)

I realized that at the moment I do not have an airtable base built with a list of artists and even if I did the list would be way too long to maintain

So as first step I decided to set up a simple google form where the user types in their artist’s name, and from there I I’d make a HTTP request to Spotify’s API

But of course I’m running into challenges already :sweat_smile:

So based on Gemini AI recommendation I should use a jSON parser to retrieve the answer from the google form and use that value to point to spotify’s API when searching for said artist

The problem is I’m unsure of how to set up the HTTP request so that each time an answer is given it will search based on that value (artist name)

Any guidance and tips would be appreciated

Also please let me know if I am on the right track or if there’s a better way to do this.

Hey @KelvinPM,

You don’t need that Parse JSON module because Google Forms already takes care of it for you.
You simply need to expand “Enter your fav artist” then map the answer as the input in your HTTP module.

In your HTTP module, you need to enter the URL for the Spotify endpoint you’ll be using. However, Make has a built-in module for Spotify so you could probably use that assuming the URL is correct. If you can’t find the function you will be using then use “Make an arbitrary API call” instead.


Hi @Donald_Mitchell

Thanks for the reply, I think there’s been some progress on my end :sweat_smile:

So if I understood your answer correctly I could use the spotify module, the one I found below is the search module.

what I find interesting is that within the Query parameter when I set it to run based on the google form response I get an error of

"Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).

  • Missing value of required parameter ‘q’."

However if I type in manually the module runs with no issues, so I am a bit confused since I feel like that should be similar

Unless I am mapping the query incorrectly ?

This is what I also get

The way you have Query set up now in the Spotify module is you’re giving it an entire array which probably isn’t what you want.

Instead, expand Answers → Enter your fav artist → etc… and keep expanding until you see the text containing the actual answer then drag that into the Query field.

Hope that makes sense!


Hi @Donald_Mitchell

Funnily enough even though I selected the value from the answer it didn’t work, however I realized I may potentially do everything with just spotify modules so will close this ticket for now and be back with any updates :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the help!


Hello there @KelvinPM :wave:

Thanks a lot for the updates! :pray: