Make and Todoist - Adding multiple labels dynamically when creating new tasks


I’ve got a movie database in Airtable and I want to turn these movies into a project in Todoist. I’ve created a scenario in Make where once a movie is added to the Airtable database, it’s added as a task to a “Movies” project in Todoist. For each movie that’s added, I want to add two labels. One for the list this movie is under in Airtable, e.g. I have a list of movies coming out in the cinema and another list of classic Hollywood movies. The second label is for the year the movie is released.

The labels have already been created in Todoist and ID for these labels have been added to the database in Airtable. These IDs are pulled from Airtable when the scenario is triggered.

In the scenario, I’ve got the trigger, I can pull through the data about the movie from Airtable. I’ve also added two “Get label” modules in Make, which get the labels I need.

The issue I’m finding is when I try and create the task in Todoist using the “Create Task” module. As the labels will be different each time, I’ve tried to dynamically add in the labels I need using the data I’ve pulled in the “Get Label” modules. But, I can’t seem to add two separate labels. When I try to do this and the new task is created in make, it combines both of the labels into one label. e.g. instead of being label 1: Vintage, label 2: 1923, it’s coming through as one label entitled “Vintage 1923”. I’ve tried to add “;” or “,” between each label in the Make module, but it’s not working.

I’m quite new to this and can’t seem to find any helpful advice online on what I could be doing wrong.

Can anyone help?

blueprint.json (23.4 KB)

Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 19.18.47


As far as I can remember, the “labels” field expects the array of values so in this case, try to first use an Iterator module then map the labels array (you’ll know it’s an array field if it has square brackets beside the field label , example "YearLabelID[ ] ").

May I ask what’s the value of that “Year Label ID”? Is it an ID from a label in Todoist? If so, please try to add a Get a Lable module then map the value from the Iterator. Next is add a Text Aggregator module and select a comma as the separator (enable advanced settings > Separator >other > then input comma)

Lastly, in the Todoist module, where you’ll add the label, map the Text aggregator’s value and then use the split() function to turn it into an array. Example:

I hope this helps!