Make json is sending an array of strings incorrectly

Hello. Appreciate if anyone can help with this array issue in the Make json.

This is the scenario. Just 2 steps. Data is entered in a form. Then it is sent to a webhook in Make and the HTTP API request is using that data.

The webhook is receiving the data in this format:

The HTTP call to the API is sending the “checkbox-facebook” field which is an array of strings.

The HTTP call is sending the array incorrectly in the json.

The array it is sending is [facebook, twitter, instagram]

This is not proper json.

It should be sending [“facebook”,”twitter”,”instagram”]

How can I get it to send the array with the quotes around the string elements?

Thanks in advance!


Please see below the video response to your query:

I hope this will solve your issue.

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This is exactly what we needed. Thank you.

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