Making scenarios available to multiple users with unique threads?

Hello, I’ve created a Make scenario for a Telegram chatbot with API calls to the LLM and webhooks for each Telegram message. I’d like to make it available for others, with distinct variables for each so they have separate conversation threads.

Wondering the best way to achieve this with Make please?

Would I have to manually create some parts like the Webhook and Connection each time?

And then have some way to pass in a different variable for each user’s ID?

Many thanks for any assistance

Hi @Ethan_Tan,

There are a lot of variables that can affect the best way to do this for your situation.
Since you’re starting with a Webhook (I think?), whatever calls the Webhook may need to have a way to identify the person - some parameter in the query string or header.

Using that identifying information, query a database like Airtable or SmartSuite, to get all the variables for that person.

Feed the resulting information into the remainder of your scenario.

I’m probably missing some details that may mark this as not the best approach, but that’s generally how I’d handle this given what I know so far.

Good luck!


Thank you very much Donald - I’ll give that a go!