Mappable Answers LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Events

Hey quick question,

The LinkedIn Lead Gen Events Form usually gives me a lot of data to map in later fields, for example, first name, last name, email, company, country, etc…

I deleted the modules and added them again and now for some reason I cannot get any of these data anymore.

Do you know how can I retrieve the correct data? I just had a prospect trigger the automation but the data is not appearing

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I’m just guessing, but maybe it helps:
Perhaps the criteria returned different search results that don’t have mappable answers?
Are you sure that LinkedIn returned these mappable answers for the given search criteria at that point in time?

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Hey thanks for your response.

I fixed the scenario, it works fine now. And yes these answers are pretty standard, I can’t remember how exactly we fixed it, I think there was some problem with the trigger

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