Mapped fields in Modules after Sheets Module "Search Rows (Advanced)" keep changing

I have set up a working chain where the Saerch Rows module is the trigger, pulling various columns.

It works like a charm until sometimes - seemingly randomly - I have to reassign all my mappings and filters down the chain because they suddenly display different fields. I don’t add any columns in the Sheet so it makes no sense to me.

It is highly disruptive in my workflow, as I have to manually check and reconfigure the whole scenario each time. So these filter mappings would just switch to other columns in the source sheet:

It is only the fields from the Source module (32) that get messed up, not other Sheets modules’ fields (regular Search Rows). So System message, coming from regular module (and different sheet) will always stick, but User message will change - along with all other mappings to main Source sheet.

Setting the “Map” toggle or not makes no difference. :thinking:

Hello @neomagic

It’s happen in every execution? Or does it happen in some specific cases? Or it’s really random?

Did you change the column names in the Google Sheets?