Mapping Array Values to Multiple Tags in Notion Database

Hello! I am attempting to use as a CRM manager for a Discord Server. I have made a scenario that lists all of the members in discord and scrapes their data such as username, ID, date joined, etc. Everything works well except for perhaps the most important datapoint: Their roles. just returns an array of long role IDs. In my Notion database, I have a Roles column that has “tags” that I want make to automatically select. Some members have multiple roles. I have a key that shows which Role ID equates to which role, but I am struggling to be able to make the scenario do it for me. Is it possible to select tags through notion using Make? If not, is there some other work around with a different property type?

For example, this is what part of the key looks like:

Mod – 1059872766595190824
Manager – 1060200071557283861
Support -1070030611403776080
Helper – 1059872207402193009

I’d like the final outcome to be each database item having the relevant tags under the Roles cell such as Manager, Support, Helper, Mod instead of having the array: 1059872207402193009, 1070030611403776080, 1060200071557283861, 1059872766595190824

Would really appreciate any help!

Hi @GMBVAdmin,

Did you find a workaround for this? I am not that good with the Notion but I have a few questions for you that might help us resolve how best we can do this,

  1. 1059872766595190824, these are what we get from Discord so we need to have something in either Notion or Make that we can utilize to map against the tag in Notion Database. DO you have a mapping in Notion Databse that says 1059872766595190824=Mod, and for others?
  2. If you have those fields in Notion what we can do is, Utilize Get Database in Make that I belive should list all the available values for you to use.

Afterwhich, you can do a map function against it and grab all the tag name by passing the Discord IDs for Member’s Role.

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