Merging 2 responses in to one Webhoock response


I am having trouble combining 2 successful requests into 1 response.

The first one returns a collection. I need only the [1] from this response (actually there should be no more than 1 result) But in the response (postman) I get only [Collection] not the data included. I don’t know how to tell MAKE to send me Collection[1] back. (see red arrow in screenshot)

Thanks Rob help

Hi @trob999 ,

You can not map the whole collection at once because its already parsed. You either need to:

  • Manually map each item individually and create the JSON structure yourself
  • Disable parsing on the HTTP module, so its not parsed and you can directly send it.
  • Use the “Transform to JSON” module to see if you can transform the collection to JSON, and then send it back via a webhook response

Try these options and see if that helps you out :wink:

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thanks - at the moment it looks like this but i will also TRY “Transform to Json” next time …