Metabase - query in json format

i’m trying use metabase integration to execute a specific query.

The problem I’m facing is that it’s asking me to put the query in ‘valid json format’. I can’t find anywhere in documentation how this valid json format should look like. Could you guys give me a hand on that, how the query should look like?

please see the screenshot together with the error. I emailed metabase support, they’re not able to help me, they don’t know anything about make integration

Welcome to the Make community!

According to the Metabase API, here is a sample JSON:

  "visualization_settings": {
    "table.pivot_column": "QUANTITY",
    "table.cell_column": "SUBTOTAL"
  "description value": "A card generated by the API",
  "collection_position": null,
  "result_metadata": null,
  "metadata_checksum": null,
  "collection_id": null,
  "name": "API-generated question",
  "dataset_query": {
    "database": 1,
    "query": {
      "source-table": 2
    "type": "query"
  "display": "table"