Monday to Monday Mirroring Columns

I have created a list of items to be created on a Monday Board in a scenario already. This scenario lists out 150 items each as their own module. I need to create another scenario where after the first scenario creates those items in a Monday Board, they specifically match to another board of the same items already listed and the status and quantity columns change as the user decides to on the created board. I tried using Webhooks to do so but haven’t created a solution. Please See “Napkin Dispenser” as example. The Picture above is the Sub-items listed out already. The Picture below is the group of items created with the scenario with 150 modules.


I think that there is probably an easier way to do what you did. But bravo for creating 150 modules!

I’m not sure what your question is.

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Do you know the easier way to do it? I am taking a list from google forms and creating each question as a line item in a designated Monday Board. There are 150 questions in the forms, which is why there are 150 modules. I linked each question to each module to create a line item. I think an array would be more appropriate but I have no idea how to create that scenario and I have looked everywhere? Then our Project Monday boards need to match columns with the list pulled from the form. The issue that arouses is that there are so many different project boards with the same sub-items that they need to be different for each entry. I have been working on this for two weeks and Im ready to give up and map each one individually through Monday’s mirroring.

@JimTheMondayMan If this is too complicated, I can space out the questions.


I respect your get-it-done attitude! But it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

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Thank you so much for your help, this problem just came up, any idea what that means?
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