Monitoring a website for a piece of data, and alerting via push notifications: scraping for refurbished iPhones

There are a number of projects which allow for website monitoring, but I required a relatively customized one (for educational purposes). Specifically, I wanted to monitor the refurbished section for iPhone 12 models and receive a push notification to my phone when it appears there. To achieve this, I employed the use of, ScrapeNinja, and ntfy and was able to get it running in around 30 minutes.

This solution should get you started with web scraping. For more information, please refer to my blog post at Low Code Web Scraping Recipe: track for refurbished iPhones and get push alert on specific model.

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very cool. thanks for sharing

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That’s smart! Well done.

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Thank you! The ScrapeNinja app was finally approved and made public by the moderation team, so I hope ScrapeNinja will now help makers in complex real-world scenarios. Cheers!

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Brilliant stuff @pixeljetter
Keep up the great work and thanks so much for sharing with us!

Thank you @Michaela, I appreciate it!

I have just published another scraping tutorial, this time ScrapeNinja is used for educational purposes to extract real estate property data from, which is not easy to scrape:
How to web scrape Zillow using ScrapeNinja and JavaScript