Moving folders around in OneDrive based off status in notion

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to set up some automation to streamline some aspects.

The task I’m tackling is when an item is created in my Notion database. I want a folder to create in my Onedrive. (I’ve set this up correctly, and it is working).

To take it a step further, when an item is marked as completed, I want the folder moved from folder A to folder B in my Onedrive. (This is where I’m getting stuck.)

I’ve setup it up to perform a search of my Onedrive in a specific directory where the task folders are located, and that is working fine, but moving the folder is where I seem to be running into complications.

Current Workflow

When I try to specify the destination directory, I get the below error

Any ideas or workaround if this is a bug with make and onedrive.

@RodoggA The screenshot you are providing, is that the whole settings list of your Onedrive module? Are there any field in there which we are not seeing right now?

That is the entire settings.

Please create a support ticket @RodoggA . Not sure but it might be a bug in the module

No worries. I’ll submit it now.


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