Multiple API calls for Instagram scraping. Using dynamic variables

Hey everyone!

So I have been working on a scenario for a few days and cannot complete it.
High-level overview.
Sending searching Airtable for information to send to the IG scraper via HTTP GET request.
Updates data.
Sends a new request to pull followers.
Updates again.
I have only just worked out how to have it use the max_id query to use the pagination.
My question is.

  1. How do I have the scenario use the new max_id param generated with each API call for the NEW HTTP request further down the scenario?
  2. How do I have the back half of the scenario repeat to pull the full list of followers? (I can take 100 at a time, and I will need around 10k per list)

Any constructive criticism is accepted. I am very new to this but would like to learn as much as I can :slight_smile:

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I’m missing some context here.

Can you:

  • rename all modules, give them a name describing the module, and then upload a new screenshot?
  • refer to module names (or numbers, if you manage to make them visible - they’re hidden now) in your questions?
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