Multiple Input Router

I know this is a newb question, but I’m stuck and wondering if there is any way to have multiple paths lead to a single workflow. Essentially I was hoping to have 2 separate Webhooks that will define how various data gets processed. In the end, I do the exact same queries and write the same information to a database. The final operations are a bit complex and I’m hoping I don’t have to replicate them into new scenarios and then maintain hundreds of modules across various scenarios.

If I had a router with 2 inputs I would simply listen for the webhooks, process the appropriate data, then send to my final operations. Is there a way to combine data paths into a single processing workflow?

Here’s an example.

In this path, I iterate through different dates and then process the workflow.

In this path, I just pass in a single date and process the workflow (no iteration required).

The end processing workflow remains identical though. Can I connect the two previous paths to this end workflow somehow?

Currently, you cannot merge two different path to a single one, however there is a work around for it, you can see some of the approach to solve this problem here,

Also, Is it a separate scenario or is it all in the single one? You can add a third route in the router and then once the above two routes based on filter are done then you can trigger the last one which won’t have a filter in it.

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@Runcorn Thank you again for the help! Looks like that may do the trick. A little complicated (and I wish their was just a dual input router), but I think I can make that work. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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Hello @Matt_Lane :wave:

Just wondering if you had the chance to check whether @Runcorn’s suggestion could resolve this for you. Feel free to update us on how it’s been going :slight_smile: