Multiple pages in Google Sheets

Hi, I am new at Make and I have created an automation that connects my google sheets with my Notion and update the information if neccesary. Is it possible to replicate the same process but changing the Sheet tab in the same environment?
The idea is to check all the pages and update the information in the sabe database in Notion without having multiples environments

Hi @Francisco_Casas,
If I am understanding correctly, you want to:

  • Wait for a new row to be added to a Google Sheet
  • If the primary field of the row exists in Notion, update the row in Notion?

You want to repeat this process, but it needs to watch for new rows in MULTIPLE sheets?

If this is the case, I don’t think it’s possible because this module can only watch for new rows in one sheet at a time, and each Scenario can only have one trigger.
You would need a separate Scenario for each sheet to be monitored for new rows.
The good news is you can easily copy a Scenario then just change the sheet name.

I hope I understood the question correctly and hope this helps answer your question!


Hi Donald, thankyou very much for your quick response. Yes, that exactly what I wanted to do! I am working in a pet company like Uber and we connect clients with dog trainers, saying this each proffessional will have their own clients and own sheet. The problem of that solution is that I will have multiple scenarios since I will have lots of professionals :joy:. Thank you anyway!