Multiple replace functions in one value

Hello together,

is it possible to add multiple replace functions into one value? In the attached scenario I try to replace regular expressions with some other text. Unfortunately I have several expressions, each of which needs to be replaced with different text. So I wonder if I can add multiple replace functions in the value of item 3 of the webhook arguments and if so, how to separate them. I already tried just to add another replace-function behind the first one which didn’t work.

Do you have any suggestions?

Howdy @Stefanie Welcome to the :make: Make Community!

IML Nesting:

You should be able to Nest replace functions (and all make IML for that matter) in a similar style as you would nest an excel formula.

Unfolded to make it easier to read :smiley:


For readability purposes only
:warning: DO NOT:
Write it out with the spaces/tabs like this in make(causes problems/mostly :x: doesn’t save)
Feature Request Quick(self) Note:
Make the IML editor more tab/spaces friendly, and also multi cursor editing capabilities. like vs code.

This would be a huge game-changer for readable complex IML.
Tabbing currently does not work at all. as it tabs you out of the edit pane.

Hope This helps!


The replace() function does allow regular expressions and it makes it much easier to read. I have to go test it out for @Stephanie’s request before I suggest an approach first. Without testing a REGEX I am loathe to suggest anything.

Nested solution work great. But they are very difficult to create in the editor because of formatting issues. And changing them sometimes creates more issues.


This is great, just what I needed. It worked on the first try. Thank you very much for the quick and detailed answer :partying_face: