MySQL filter all nested arrays

Dear all,

I am fairly new to and I am facing a challenge, where I am sure, the issue is between keyboard and chair…

I am trying to parse the output form an HTTPS query to an SQL database. I’m getting the raw data well and most data sets are correctly updated to MySQL.

However, some data sets it seems, like the filter I am using within the mYSQL module stops working after checking the first bundle within an array. I would need it to check all however.

The filer setup is:

The input payload looks like this:

I would like to update a table row if the row ID matches the combination ID. In this example, I’m looking to update the table row conatining the ID 142100.

The remaining IDs from the payload do not exist in the SQL Table hence they can be ignored. Also, the targeted ID does not show up in the same order on all data sets.

Any pointers into the right direction would be helpful. Thank you.

Are you using an array aggregator to loop over the entries in your bundle? Can you share what your scenario looks like?


Please share what your scenario looks like. But If you get the raw data as parse the data using a JSON parse module. Then iterate over the array of data so you separate each combination into its own bundles then you can use the filters and such easily.


Thank you all for your support. I forgot to add a second iterator over the nested array :man_facepalming: Now it works like a charm. I guess I didn’t see the forrest because of all the trees…