Need a Solution Webhook>> Open AI Assistant >>> Go High Level

My Goal is to fix a workflow Webhook and have it deliver properly. My basic problen is that I am completely naive, Zero experience, most likely trying to do something above my knowledge. I have previously hired a fiverr guy to solve the problem and it made it completely too complex, therefor not helping me at all.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish.

I need #1 my webhook to communicate with Go High Level.

#2 I need the Open AI Chat integration to speak through the assitant I created to speak to the document that I uploaded. The Test “Playground”, is working accurately. This means in the Open AI playground platform, I can run properly. I can ask the question and it answers the question from the document. This part seems great.

#3 I need the document to administer and conversation wih a new contact answers the system and asks a question in go high level.

My Workflow integration is working. and my assitant is working. The communication between the Webhook and the association to Open AI is not, therefor I can’t see anything else working.

This is the Workflow

I do not know what to put here and I dont understand mapping at all. The box that says “message”

I need help

@Atom welcome to the community. for the “Message” part of the open AI module; you should be able to match some information that comes from the custom webhook; if you click into that message module there should be some little red colored pills taht you can select which will serve as the message to the assistant;

‘mapping’ is simply picking information from one place and inputting it into another; for example #1 “Go High Level” will send information to the webhook.

#2 “Map” or pick the information from go high level that should go into the “Message an assistant” part of the scenario.

#3 use the response/output from open ai to update your highlevel lead connector.

Hopefully that gives you a push in the right direction; if you would like to discuss more feel free to reach out: Calendly - Tim Little I have a team of folks that can help you accomplish your workflows and automations using and many other software tools.


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