Need help in a Module

Hi make community,

I hope you are all doing well. I need help in a scenario. I think that most people are familiar with a tool called “” which is also available in MAKE. This app is used to upload audio and convert or get the transcript of that audio.

Now in make, I’m building a scenario where I want to upload audio from a specific folder from {e.g. OneDrive as an example} to

But the issue is that I don’t understand how to do this. After searching about it, I found a Module that can help to upload audio on But I don’t know how to set it up.

If anyone knows how to setup, please let me know.

(Note: I know that we can upload and download audio and transcripts within integration. But I need it for some specific reasons. Thanks for understanding :slight_smile: )

Here is the screenshot of module that I want to setup.

To use that module, you’ll need to learn how to use GraphQL.

I don’t think GraphQL can upload files however.


Thanks for suggestion.

Look at this.


Thank you so much. It’s really helpful for me. But Still i need to figure out how to build this GraphQl query and use it in Make.
I really appriciate your help buddy. 🫶🏻

It is quite easy - use chat GPT :slight_smile: