Need Help Placing This API into Make


I’m using a fintech builder for my application and I’m trying to use Make to add in a few basic features before I do a small test launch.

I’m having trouble trying to place the API into Make as the documentation isn’t really clear. I have found a quick guide that regarding the API but the examples are for placing it in code. How would I place this is Make?

Here is one of the examples:

For a better explanation and more information here is the quick guide the above image is from.

How to call an API on RapidAPI

Use the HTTP “Make an API Key Auth Request” module.

Create a new keychain connection and insert your RapidAPI API Key.

API Key parameter name: X-RapidAPI-Key

How to call an API on Rehive

  • Instead of X-RapidAPI-Key, use Authorization

  • Instead of <YOUR_RAPIDAPI_KEY>, replace with

Token {token}

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Thanks. i’ll report back to see if I need additional help if there are any more issues regarding the API.

Again, thanks. I reached out to the Rehive team and CEO without a responds, a couple Reddit boards, forums, etc with little help. This is due to the lack of community. You made my day but I’ll have to go a little deeper later to see if there are any issues.

For the data structure would I set it within the HTTP Model or Json Model?

For more context, I’m trying to setup a subscription tier within my app that’s P2P basically. So where would the data be stored?

Example, Price.