Need help to create a Shipstation order from Shopify with multiple line items

Hello Makers :wave:

I am trying to connect Shopify and Shipstation.
Here is the modules that I used.

  1. Shopify - Get an Order
  2. Iterator
  3. Array aggregator
  4. Create Order

It works with single item but not working properly with the multiple items :disappointed_relieved:

Iterator the “Line items” from Shopify

Array aggregator

  • Source Module: Iterator
  • Target structure type: ShipStation - Create Order: Order Items

Create Order
Here is list that I added in the Item

Any help greatly appreciated!


I’m not actively using the Shopify and Ship Station modules, but from your last picture, you are accessing an item in an array, therefore you need to specify which item you want to access, this can be done by adding a number between the Array[ and ]: Array_Item_Name

For example
Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 12.09.52

Hope this will help!

Hi @scho,

In Shipstation for the line items field turn on the Map toggle. In the field just map your array generated by your aggregator.