New here: how to update the field of one of the [indexed] Objects in a List with Google Cloud Firestore module❓

Do I have to / can I specify the index (eg: [1]) of the relevant object in a list (giftList) I’m updating in the document path? Like so with ‘1’ at the very end:

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Can you record a short video and explain the issue again? I think community members are not able to understand it well and hence not responding to your post.

Thanks for your message. No clue what to highlight with a vid.
Context: I want to record the checkout session, paymentIntent and status in a specific object (identified by its index) in a list inside of a specific firestore document.
I have added a dynamic “route” to the relevant object: documentID/objectIndex

Yet I get this error message which is odd since my doc path is correct:

The operation failed with an error. [400] Document name “projects/uscape-219cc/databases/(default)/documents/users/XsTl7duOO91TWvXZyCNI/5” lacks “/” at index 80.

I tried the Document path field both with and without a forward slash in the end. Same error…