New Make apps page

With sheer horror, I have to report to you that you guys just completely destroyed the Make website today.

The ONLY PAGE ON YOUR ENTIRE WEBSITE that sells Make to customers is the page THAT LISTS THE SUPPORTED APPS.

But now, when you go to, you now show HUNDREDS OF UNKNOWN & OBSCURE 3rd-party apps that nobody has ever heard of before.

Yes, I can see that you uncheck 3rd-party apps in the left margin, but nobody else is going to see that or even understand what it means.

People want to go to your website and immediately see the MOST POPULAR APPS ON THE PLANET LISTED, not a list of apps that nobody has ever heard of or used before.

This is an immediate turn-off to everybody on the planet, because this new page completely destroys the credibility of Make to anybody visiting your website.

It makes Make seem like some little podunk website that can’t play with the big players and has no ability to communicate with REAL apps on the web.

So people visiting your website now believe that Make only works with obscure apps that they have never heard of before, instead of being taken to a list of the world’s most popular apps first.

And to make matters worse, now users have to click on a “load more” button to see more apps listed?

This is a terrible change. Who approved such a bad decision? Please switch this website back to how it was yesterday.

Hello @scottworld thank you very much lot for the feedback :pray:

I wanted to let you know that we’ve addressed the bug in the page settings and it’s now been fixed. Thanks for reporting this and helping us improve.


This is great news! Thank you for fixing this so quickly, @Michaela! :smiley: :raised_hands:

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