New Slack certificate?

Hey there!

Just received the info below from Slack. Sounds like this applies to Make as well, doesn’t it? Maybe someone from the Make dev team can confirm if any steps have been / will be taken to cover this?

> As an Owner or a Primary Owner of <…>, you’re receiving this email to ensure Slack continues to function within your network environment.
*> *
*> Please work with your network or IT team to ensure a new root certificate is installed in your infrastructure for – – by May 9th, 2023. Specifically, you will need to ensure the “ISRG Root X1” certificate from Let’s Encrypt is installed and trusted, which can be downloaded from Let’s Encrypt: Chain of Trust - Let's Encrypt *
*> *
> Any clients connecting to Slack should have this certificate installed. We ask that this be done as soon as possible, as it will be necessary for Slack to function properly in the coming months. If this root certificate is already installed and trusted, no action is needed at this time.


Hi @Adam_Debski thank you so much for bringing this topic in the community :pray:

The development team is presently looking into it, and I will keep you informed here as soon as I gain any fresh information. Thank you once again!

You’ll be getting quite a few notifications from me today @Adam_Debski :sweat_smile:

The investigation revealed that the particular certificate has already been included, so everything should be sorted out.

Thanks again for checking!

@Michaela - thanks for taking care of the topic - appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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