No button to create data structures

I am trying to link an Action Network webhook to a Google Sheet Add Row.

However I cannot get the data structure to be automatically determined correctly. The first time I generated data while Make was determining the format of the data from a Test send in AN it appeared to have some sensible data, but that did not correspond well to the data in an actual webhook, so the sheet had no data added.

I attempted to get Make to automatically determine the data structure from an actual webhook but the only field generated was ‘value’ as a text object. ‘value’ should be an object with the rest of the data structure contained with in it but Make doesnt appear to recognise this.

My next thought was to generate my own data structure manually. However I can see nowhere to create a Data Structure in Make. I can see a screen where ones Data Structures would be listed with a Search field, but none are listed (as I have none) and there is no ’ Create a new data structure’ as there ought to be according to

Hi @Chris_Wood ,

Inside Make you can define your own variables (and basically define the structure you are looking for) but adding the definition within curled brackets {{here}}. It works like this:
{{<number of module>.<mapping of value>}} .
So for example {{1.person.firstName}}

If you can’t get that working, you can always run the scenario manually once, and send over an HTTP request with the data structure you are looking for. It would then recognize what you want.
Hope this helps!

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