Non-parallel processing of flow

Our flow is setup to trigger on webhook requests, which we then need to process individually.

Is it possible to ensure these webhook requests are processed in a non-parallel fashion? In other words, the flow must queue up executions and only process them one at a time.

This is crucial for our workflow, since we will have race conditions otherwise. Please note that order of execution does not matter. I am avoiding the use of the word “sequential” because that is already another option in make flows which is order to preserve order.

Hi @Dave_New,

Yeah, It is possible to do that. On the scenario settings, you need to enable Sequential Processing which will ensure that the webhooks are processed in the order that they are received, from the document,

Sequential processing also applies to webhooks. By default, Make processes webhooks in parallel. When you enable sequential processing, Make waits until the previous execution is complete before starting the next one.

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Thanks for your reply. We don’t care about ordering at all. I dont want the flow to stop completely if a single execution fails, which I believe Sequential Processing will do. We just want to ensure that the flow is locked to running one execution at a time.