Not receiving emails from gmail

Hi everybody.

I am web developer for the last 15 years but this is my first day with make ! :slight_smile:

I have a stupid problem : with a very simple scenario I want to send email with gmail.

I did configure everything about gmail api, I followed the guidelines

But launching my scenario doesn’t display any error in the logs, everything looks good but I don’t receive the email !!!

I am sorry for this stupid topic but I spent two hours and am going crazy.

Here are my Gmail settings

@Gilles_Dumas that is very unusual. When you say launched the scenario, do you mean to put it online with the toggle switch or you hit the “run once” button?
If you didn’t hit the run once button, then you will only get the email at the time you selected for you trigger to run the scenario.

What does the module output show after you have run the scenario?

If nothing else, redoing the connection or using the general “email” module could work, you would have to set up a gmail connection in there as well.

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Thank you for your answer.

I launched the scenario by hitting the “run once” button.

The logs are

  • 22:36 The scenario was successfully loaded.
  • 22:36 Preparing scenario for running.
  • 22:36 Requesting execution.
  • 22:36 The request was accepted. Waiting for the server.
  • 22:36 The scenario was initialized.
  • 22:36 The scenario was finalized.
  • 22:36 The scenario run was completed.

Hello @Gilles_Dumas,

In order for the Google Sheets module to have data to pass on to GMail, you must add a row of data before clicking Run Once. Just to confirm, you’re doing that before clicking Run Once?

Like @Nathan_Kind mentioned, after clicking Run Once, a bubble should appear to the top right of Google Sheets showing you what new rows of data were detected, depending on the limits you’ve selected in that module.
If you don’t also get a bubble to the top right of Gmail, that means there was nothing to do/no data to work with.


Exact I needed to add a row of data, I understand better now.

I knew my question was stupid because yesterday was my first day with make, but today I am already a make lover.

Thank you alot @Nathan_Kind and @Donald_Mitchell for your precious help !