OAuth Connection with BigCommerce

I am trying to setup a connection with BigCommerce using make’s http OAuth Connection.

I have created the API credentials on the BigCommerce side and I am trying to plug them into the Make side. But, it will not connect/authenticate. I keep receiving the error on the make side when i try to create a new connection: {“status”:404,“title”:“Not found”,“type”:“https://developer.bigcommerce.com/api-docs/getting-started/api-status-codes","errors”:{}} When i try to add the connection. When i close that it says " Error Accounts verifyfailed"

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I am also trying to connect with BigCommerce. Did you find a solution for integrating with BigCommerce??

@Perm7025 & @mark.tromp You need to create an access token in BigCommerce and use an “API key Auth” request within the HTTP module of Make.
Then when creating credentials, add the access token from BigCommerce in the header called:
See Authentication | BigCommerce Dev Center

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Thanks Bjorn,

I am not that familiar with API. Do you have a screen shot with the X-Auth-Token you have mentioned??

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