Open AI's transform text to extracted data returning null

I built a workflow that handles email thread conversations. It watches for new gmail emails, it builds a response using ChatGPT and sends a response back to the user who sent the original email.

In order to keep context of the conversation I add the thread id in a custom HTML tag in my response. As the user responds to my email I want to be able to extract the thread id and pass it to my ChatGPT response builder:

As you can see in the image above, in order to extract the thread id that was previously included in my response I added an Open AI “Transform a Text to a Structured Data” module, however for some reason it’s not extracting my thread id value. Here’s how I have it setup:

Any ideas on how I can extract the thread ID effectively? Also, let me know if you have any ideas on how to best store the thread id in my email thread in a way that I can easily retrieve it later. I tried adding a custom header but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be passed back when the user replies to my email.

Hi @mathewpretel

It is possible to map the thread id directly from the watch module. If you want to extract the thread id from the content you specified you can use the text parser module.

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