OpenAI assistant (with code interpreter) - image response URL? (need a full URL)

I’m trying something simple - passing some basic spreadsheet data into an OpenAI assistant for it to generated a bar chart. However, the response I get (multiple outputs!) doesn’t seem to contain a URL - rather, it has a few ‘file IDs’. I wanted to get the generated image and save it into Google drive using the ‘HTTP:Get’ module - but without a full URL this isn’t possible. Here’s the output response from my assistant:

I don’t mind just knowing a file ID - but is there some ‘full URL’ I’d need to put in front of it? Google hasn’t yielded any information for something that (it would seem) should be straightforward. Anyone got any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong or have missed?

Try to see if you can tweak your prompt to get a shareable URL for download.

The thing is that files are stored in a sandbox in ChatGPT. So unless you are in the conversation in the ChatGPT interface, you can’t download the file.

There may be a way to do it with the OpenAI API but I’m not sure. Check on the OpenAI dev community or on the OpenAI Discord channel.

Or maybe someone here knows…


Details about your file can be found here, which is collapsed

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Hi Sam,

Here’s the output under the ‘image_file’ part - but as you can see it’s just some kind of file ID and not a URL(?)

The url to downloads the file starts with “sandbox:”. To my knowledge, sandbox is only accessible when you are using the ChatGPT environment. However, since there is a way to produce and download images with the API, it must be possible to fetch the image with a sandbox-to-url approach.

I don’t know what it is, though.