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Hey team,

I’m making an automation that :slight_smile:

  • Get input from Tally
  • Then collect some data to launch a ChatGPT Prompt Completion
  • And finaly send the information into a serie of ChatGPT Chat Completion

But it doesn’t work. Is anybody already tried to automate a sequence of questions for ChatGPT ? (basically a loop of question to get a strong feedback from OpenAI)

Thanks !


Hi @Oxigo

This seem to be very simple. We have already worked with ChatGPT. So, please share your error so we can investigate.

If you require additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
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Thanks for your answer

The Tally input seems to collect no bundles at all, like the screen below

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How can I get the email field (input in Tally) at the end of this workflow ?

Thanks !

Hi @Oxigo,

What is the purpose of the Text Aggregator here?
I am not sure what is coming out of Tally, but if that’s just a bunch of form data, you likely don’t even need it.

If you can get rid of the Text Aggregator then the GMail module will be able to get the fields from Tally.

If the email is in the Text aggregator you could extract it.


Hi @Oxigo

Text aggregator aggregate the tally data and at the same time we couldn’t get that to further modules. So please remove text aggregator.

If you require additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
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Thanks everyone !

My automation is fully operational.

Make is crazy : I spent less than 7 days to build a fully automated startup validation generator. You only have to fullfil your name, your idea’s name, the solution and the problem. Then you receive, less than 5 minutes later, a PDF.