OpenAI with Make

Has anyone ever connected the OpenAI API with Make? I think there would be some use cases, but I haven’t understood yet how I can connect it.


HI @Jens ,
You can connect to any kind of API by using the HTTP module and making sure the authentication is correct. At the docs of OpenAI you can see this is the auth / base:

curl \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' \
  -H 'OpenAI-Organization: YOUR_ORG_ID'

Use this and setup the HTTP module :wink:


Hi @Jens,
I haven’t tried it with OpenAI but most logins are just POST-requests, so you can even try to have a chatGPT workflow (or custom App) in Make :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

I tried and have some workflow/scenarios running since months ago. For example, a website to create automatically child stories online. Everyday, 3 new tales. Stable Diffusion images coming soon :blush:

I also recommend to use also a “Json Create” module to send the proper encoded json body for Post request.

@here just fyi, everyone :blush:

Is it possible to send an OpenAI Completion to OpenAI?
Example: I want ChatGPT to come up with the blog post idea titles, and then use that title to also write the blog itself.

Why separate OpenAI completions? Because I want to be able to separate the blog title and body, and place those in specific output fields (LinkedIn post title, YouTube video title, etc.).

Yes, you can query GPT-3 for the “best title,” for example, and use the output in a subsequent GPT-3 query for the body based on that title.