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how to show error output?
i need add error message.

i need add response.

It is a best practice to use error handling on the base level rather than the module’s level. Though, if the endpoint, that is used in a module, returns a different error format than the other endpoints in the API, you can implement the error handling directly in the module.

In the current response collection, you need to add the error collection that will handle the error. Something like:

    "response": {
        "error": {
            "type": "RuntimeError",
            "message": "[{{statusCode}}] {{body.error.message}}",
            "400": {
                "type": "DataError",
                "message": "[{{statusCode}}] {{body.error.message}}"
            "500": {
                "type": "ConnectionError",
                "message": "[{{statusCode}}] {{body.error.message}}"

More information about error handling can be found here: Error handling - Make Apps