Pagination: Array aggregator in a loop/ repeater section

Hello, please help me

i have a APi with only 100 Elements per Http Request. I have a repater to make 4 Times the Request, finaly a have about 320 Elements.

I want to merge the 4 arrays into one Array.

i test merge Array in a Variable, Array Aggregator but nothing works.

Have you an Idea?

Thanks from Germany!

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Looks like your Array Aggregator’s “Source Module” field is not set. It should likely be set to your repeater.


I have the solution now, your answer go in the right direction.

First i used an iterator to extract the Collections,


Than i got the Bundles


and then with repeater in Source an Aggregat the Iterator, it works!

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Hello :wave:

I just want to say congrats on getting this up and running with the guidance of @samliew :tada:

Thanks a lot for stepping back in here and for sharing your final setup with the community. This is super valuable stuff and could be incredibly helpful to others looking for similar information in the future :pray:

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