Parse json from API

Hello there, Make Community,

I very new to data pipeline development, so, having some struggle to do a regular json data parse.
I have first step, which pick data from Quickbooks API, which runs successfully.
Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 10.18.50
Here is an example of Make an API call Output json.
quickbooks_json.json (5.5 KB)
And I would like to write data into BigQuery table, where I have parsed array.
Path to the array I would like to have on BQ:


Basically, I need colData[ ] array which is within Rows.Row[ ] array which is within body.Row.Rows[ ] array.

I have created an iterators to get to the array elements I need, but I don’t even know, if I go into right direction to get data I need.

Help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your attention.


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Hi Kristaps, please import this blueprint I am sending, you can review the ‘steps’ in the set variables module to understand what is happening. (You would now use one of these array’s to iterate over)
Example.json (11.9 KB)

Import here:

Here is the mappings for the set variable module:


Dear @IOA_Harman

Thank you very much for the explanation, and time invested from Your side. Looks good, and approved.
Was missing in logic the Import Blueprint step, as was experimenting with different kind of solutions.


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