Parse JSON records to a Google Spreadsheet

Hi, is an amazing platform. It allows people like me, who have no expirience in programming to do amazing things, I would have never dreamt of doing myself. It has improoved my company’s processes a lot and has shifted workload from the staff.
I issue I can’t solve is related to the extraction of calendar appointments from a JSON file to a Google Spreadsheet. I can download the appointments in our online booking form as a JSON and I have tried to parse them and add them to a google spreadsheet as individual rows.
The JSON file has the following structure:

I am using an iterator module, not sure why exactly, but I saw it beeing used in similar scenarios. :slight_smile:

So basically the calendar.output contains 7 collections, each containing the appointments for 1 day of the week. I want to add the date, hour, name, email and phone of the client to a Google spreadsheet, but I don’t see these values in the Google Spreadsheet Module. I have ran the scenario manually to make sure the values are visible.

What am not doing?

So I managed to solve the issue using 2 Iterator modules one after the other. I don’t know if this is a good solution from a profesional standart, but it works.


Hi @estario :wave:

Thanks so much for sharing the solution with the community and great job figuring this out on your own :clap:

Let’s see if the community jumps in with feedback on your solution :blush: