Parsing JSON that's split into cols/rows

I’m stuck with a bunch of nested nonsense currently when parsing JSON.

As you can see in the image, the JSON contains Columns and each collection inside are the headers/types. Then Rows is a series of collections, within which are nested collections, 1 for each column of each row.

I want to have it so I can have an array of each row, but I’m stuck in how to achieve that in this case. Attached is the JSON I need to re-organise, if anyone can help.
output.json (178.8 KB)

Hi @Anonymax,

The way I will do this is to use the iterator plus map function to extract data from the Rows collection and then use the aggregator to construct a new array of values only.

Something like this,

blueprint (47).json (194.2 KB)

But, I don’t think this is an optimal solution as the operation cost for this is really high. There might be a way to do this via map function only or use a double iterator and aggregrator, I need to test that out.

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Thanks, that is basically what I need. Is it possible to map the corresponding value names as the labels in this array (taking the names from the Columns array)