Passing individual strings of an array as variables in ChatGPT Prompt

Hello, I hope someone can help me with my problem.

I extracted a YouTube transcript from the video using a Python script and already divided it into parts with a maximum of 5000 characters for further processing. The output is in an array with several long strings.

I need the individual strings as input variables in a ChatGPT prompt. Each string should be read in individually and in the next step a complete summary of the transcript should be created.

The first message in ChatGPT pulls me the first string of the array when connected directly to the Python code and the second successfully creates a summary. But only from the first string. The first message was only used as a test. I actually didn’t assume that a string would be pulled at all.

I tried it with a repeater and an array aggregator, but here - and also with all other modules - I am shown either the entire result or only the first string for selection and I either get empty results or run into an error message.


I’m new to automating with make and have already spent 3-4 hours on Google trying to find a solution. Either this is very complex or I’m simply missing a point.