Path parameter in url

I am passing parameter:

"url": "/customers/{{parameters.customerId}}/carts",      // Relative to base URL
"method": "GET",
"headers": {},                          // Additional HTTP headers
"qs": {//"customerId":"DE--5"
          // "{{...}}": "{{omit(parameters, 'customersId')}}"
}   ,                            // Query string

// Response handling
"response": {
	"output": "{{body}}"  

but I am getting error in the response:

    "type": "error",
    "array": "[406 Not acceptable.]",
    "_engineData": {
        "calledAt": "Not available"

the make curl seems to run properly in postman is there issue with my parameter ,my customer id is like “DE–5”:

		"name": "customerId",
		"type": "uuid" //I am also putting string and text as type
		"label": "customerId",  
		"required": true