Paypal HTTP OAuth 2 - Account Verify Failed

Hey all, would love to know if anyone has successfully setup Paypal Authorization using an HTTP OAuth 2 module.

Everything looks correct, but it always ends in account verify failed. It seems like a lot of Make’s modules have depreciated due to Paypal’s V2 of the api. So not sure if i’m just chasing an impossibility?

I’m using this setup for Oauth 2.0

here’s how I set up the connection that keeps resulting in an error. I have added the correct Client ID and secret, I’ve just left them blank in the screenshot.

I would greatly appreciate any help!

Hi @yazzi,

The API documentation of PayPal* (, does not mention the authorization code flow. I have scanned through it, but as far as I can see, there is no authorization code to be requested in order to retrieve the tokens. It is a straight-up request for tokens.

Try to use the flow type ‘Implicit Grant’ and use the url. (Implicit Grant)

It is not the same, so there is a small chance it will work. But worth a try. The default HTTP module in Make strictly adheres to the RFC-6749 framework. If an external API has their own twist on the framework, it leads to issues sometimes.

Alternatives would be:

  1. Build out the full authorization with basic requests in the HTTP module, saving the tokens in a data store for use.
  2. Build a Custom App.


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Thanks Henk. I appreciate your response.

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