PDF.CO convert HTML to PDF sends a nonf

I have a make scenario that turns on, when someone took at survey in my Typeform, this all will be sendt to GPT-4, that processes it all, and with some minor adjustments, this will lead to GPT, sending it all to PDF, and making the document for me.

The whole scenario is always successful, however the link that PDF.CO gives me, does not work ever, not 10 after getting it, a few minutes, hours or days.

Anyone that have had any experience with PDF.co links not working or know what could be wrong?

Hi @Thomas_Bech_Sorensen ,

I’ve tested this module, and the issue I’ve observed is that it’s using the async for large docs in Exicution Mode. However, when I switch it to sync or async it provides the correct output.

If this isn’t the case, it’s recommended to verify the HTML output from ChatGPT to ensure its accuracy

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Still far from my goal with this implementation i see, but that worked so now i can keep moving!

Thank you for the assistence!

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Hello Thomas_Bech_Sorensen,

If you’re working with large input documents and using the Async for Large Docs execution mode, it’s necessary to include an additional module called the PDFco Job/Check. This module allows you to check the status of the processing job for your files and retrieve the output file.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please let us know.