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I would like to get the value of my CategoryGroup named “chiffre d’affaires” (french for revenue) in Pennylane.
And I would like the value to be send to a spreadsheet in Excel in a specific cell then I will send it by Slack or Whatsapp to my team so they know everyday how much we made and how far are we to the monthly goal.

I can’t find any way to get this CategoryGroup value (the amount) named “chiffre d’affaires” in Pennylane, any idea ?

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Include screenshots of

Please read the description under the URL field.

It says do not enter https://.../api/external/

Your URL should start from /v1/category_groups

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Of course i won’t put this URL :slight_smile: but what i don’t know is how to get the value of my CategoryGroup named “chiffre d’affaires” ?

Is Make an API call the only module in this app? If so then you’ll need to read the Pennylane API docs on what call to make to retrieve the object you want.

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