Phone number format

Hi I am using make to transfer data from a WIX form to a item.
the error is with the phone number.

monday uses 2 cells for phone number and this is how i used it on wix.

Looks like your phone number has spaces, when the label says β€œdigits only”.

You need to use the replace function to remove the non-digits,

\D in a regular expression pattern means anything that is not a digit.


{{ replace(; "/\D+/g"; emptystring) }}

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Hi, Thank you for the feedback.
I ran some tests and for sure the capturing is without space. I think that when the phone number is captured without a 0 it will trigger the error. So strange.

hi @Asaf_Magen,

Have you tried to validate the phone number with the Phone Number module first?

So 1) validate, 2) format, 3) pass it to


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