Please help me to convert a curl command to http module

Hello. I swear I checked all similar questions and tried everything but with no success.
My curl is:

curl \
	-H "X-SEObserver-key: MY_API_KEY" \
	-X POST \
	-d '[{"item_type":"domain", "item_value":""}, {"item_type":"url", "item_value":""}]' \
I'm trying to launch it through the HTTP Module. 
Can anyone help me please ?
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In search of similar assistance…

Have you tried using this tool? - >

@Antonio_Marchitelli @M.Jasani, here’s how to setup this particular HTTP call:

Anything that starts with -H is a header. In this case your header is your API key.

-d is the data you must submit via the API call (see second image). I would suggest putting a JSON module before your HTTP call to properly format your JSON data.

-X tells you the method is POST

When submitting JSON data, body type is always raw and content type is JSON…

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This is for a GET request, but it might be helpful:

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