Postgres Connection Setup Help? (supabase)

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Apologies for a low-level noob type question, but I’m having trouble setting up a connection to Supabase and the documentation is non-existent. Does anyone have a step by step guide of what needs to go where to make a connection work? My assumption was that “host” meant the restful API endpoint shown in my Supabase console. I tried both port 8081 as well as 6543 and get the same getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND error.

Can anyone help with some documentation of how to actually setup the connection?

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According to Supabase documentation, they implemented RESTful API using PostgREST.

The Supabase guide for API keys can be found here Understanding API Keys | Supabase Docs

You probably didn’t grant access to your database correctly.

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Have you considered using REST API of Supabase, or do you need to run SQL queries?

FYI, for Postgres module host should be taken from Settings → Database, not from Settings → API:

See above valid path sample. From there, you should take “connection string”.

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